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Our method of education is in conformity with the mental age of the students and varies from class to class. We introduce the toddlers to learning by “play-way” methods so that lessons do not become onerous. The objective is to develop their intelligence, arouse their curiosity and make learning a pleasure. A large number of toys and assorted teaching aids are provided for this purpose. The system of education is far from rigid. A relaxed atmosphere is maintained throughout.

The school uses visual aids, music and appropriate teaching programs for which’ TV and DVD sets are installed. The audio-visual library of the school has diverse collection of educational films on animals, plant life, science and safety. The Students have regular audio-visual classes. This   kind   of   exposure   provides   for   mental    stimulation   and    widens   their   horizon.

The students are taken for excursions to various places in and around Kanpur. Visits to the zoo. botanical gardens, different factories, and movies are a regular feature in the school.